5th Feb

Saturday night, it started snowing. Not much at first, but its surprising how much soon builds up.
I reckon its a couple of inches deep outside this morning. It settled everywhere, so the washing line, the strands of the dormant wisteria - the wire the wisteria crawls along - all have a pile of snow balancing on top, with the occasional flurry of icicles dripping down.
The solar lights - lanterns and such - are all a domed mound, everything is weird and wonderful shapes, unidentifiable at first until you remember what is beneath: ah, that's the stone otter, that's the wishing well, that's the bird feeder.
I don't like snow because of the difficulties it causes in looking after the horses (& I'm scared of slipping over) but oh my - it does look so beautiful!
(There will be a photo - as soon as Kathy eventually gets back from the yard - Ron is driving as he's experienced in the snow - the side road where we live is quite thickly covered, but they got out OK. Kathy is under strict instructions to call me on her phone to let me know they got to the yard OK)

The weirdest thing last night; the moon was full, but well hidden by cloud of course - 1.30 a.m. before I went to bed I looked out and it was almost as bright as day (let's say evening) the sky was a pinkish-cream colour - the moonlight lighting the clouds from above. I went out to check the chickens were all snug - and had no need for a torch.
Now this was nothing to do with street lights or anything, usually I need a flash light of some sort - the light was really quite astonishing. The moon on the clouds was creating enough to also reflect off the snow - quite awesome.

image found by Googling "animated snow"