400 nymphs?

I opened the front door and walked into warm air this morning. I love that. No cool morning air, no need to dart about in order to keep warm, just warmth. Subsequently I have not done what I should do; instead I have sat with a 1964 edition of a Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Wimsey novel on a blanket in the sun clad in shorts and t-shirt and got colour on my wintered flesh. (I was going to write 'skin' but as Wimsey says in this book, skin is such an ugly word.) The wind has picked up and is forecast to be rather breezy until early afternoon tomorrow, but with more sun. I can cope.

Moving garden furniture around I have found Praying Mantis egg sacs in the underside of the moulded plastic chairs. Research has told me that up to 400 nymphs could emerge from them in spring/early summer. I'm not sure whether I want 400 'mini-manti' scattered across my verenda. The death warrant remains unsigned whilst I consider the pros and cons.

Praying Mantis egg sacs

Is this the mother having a rest after egg laying?