2nd Feb

Bright, bright day - but oh so cold. There's quite a strong wind (north east) so no frost but snow is coming, or so the forecast says.

I'm not a fan of snow. Looks lovely draped over mountains and on Christmas cards - but not on the roads of N.E. London where it soon turns slushy and ice makes it hard for us to get to the stableyard.
I'm frightened enough of falling over because my sight isn't so good & my dodgy hip - so iced pavements horrify me.

Have to admit I don't mind snow in the back garden where it looks pretty though!
Wish I lived in Camelot where the snow stayed off the roads & pavements but beautifully decorated the trees and landscape #laugh

Now where are my warm fluffy socks & the lovely white fluffy gloves I had for Christmas... maybe a scarf as well...

(and my cat, Mab, still insists on going in and out of my office window, even though she has a perfectly serviceable catflap.

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  1. I have much the same view of snow. As long as I don't have to get out and drive in it, I'm fine with it. Pretty when it blankets everything in crisp white!

    I cannot wait to meet Mab in person! She looks so much like my old black and white kitty.


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