1st February

It is Imbolc - the time of returning light. In the Christian calendar this important festival became St Brigit's Day. To the pre-Christian pagans it is a day of the Goddess of the Returning Light - all connected to fertility and the all important growing of food in order to survive.

In old days, before we had clocks and calendars, this was the time when farmers started sowing the early crops. Back then, in the mists of time, Imbolc would depend on the phases of the moon and the patterns in the stars, the "1st February" would not have existed.

I was out and about early this morning - before 8 a.m. in fact. It was a beautiful clear morning, although very cold, with frost on the roofs and the cars. The sky a very very pale blue. As we turned a corner, and thus direction, there ahead just above the roof tops was a bright red/orange orb - the rising sun.


Bright bkessings for this the day of the Goddess of Returning Light.