Sunny Days, Chilly Nights

The beautiful blossom is playing havoc with my sinuses. It's January for heaven's sake, literally got over a cold one day, hayfever the next. Still summer is usually OK for me - I have blossom-fever!
The days have been sunny with a light breeze, some cloud not reaching overly warm temperatures but a pleasant 15 - 16 degrees C falling to between 4 and 9 C at night. I have not been able to make the most of it though due to sniffles.
The herbs are very thirsty in their pots on the sunny window-sills; it is a minor miracle to have year round Basil growing, for me anyway.
There are lots of pied wagtails around, bobbing along the track. They do seem to prefer to walk when they can. The hoopoe bird has been singing his heart out on the overhead electricity cables. He is a very elegant chap and when he flies his stripes are a psychedelic show on their own.
Hoopoe (courtesy of RSPB)