The chilliness and overcast outlook of the last few days went into hiding during the night. Clear blue skies, just the faintest puffs of cloud sitting over the coast, and a warming sun made the dog walk longer than planned. That isn't a problem, means quieter dogs until the hour of 5 when dinner and a second walk is demanded, and the chance to enjoy the foothills decorated with pale pink bobbles of almond trees bearing blossom.
Now, with glasses perched on the end of my nose, a full inkpen and notebook in hand, I am off to sit in the sun and write about Rome. It was boiling hot on the August day of 2006 that I am writing about - I remember it well as it is the day I discovered Bernini and that I was mistaken for a gyspy as I sat in the shade of a street corner to recover with a scarf on my head to protect my hair. Not my finest sartorial hour but it will bring some humour into the writing. And so, onwards!