3rd January

Storms over UK this morning - and boy what a storm! 100mph wind in places. I nearly lost a bedroom window. Only had it slightly open but a huge gust of wind shook the front of the house and the window was pulled open - just grabbed it in time.
The rain was so heavy I couldn't see across the rood.

Storm damage
Only one casualty in the garden though - one broken flower pot. (love the image above - an old faithful!)

Now - a couple of hours later - bright blue sky & brilliant sunshine with only the occasional gust hurrying through the trees

Weird Weather!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! What a nasty day for you! I'm glad you didn't lose a window! That weather pattern sounds like what we had daily growing up in Florida - storms blew across out of the Gulf of Mexico or from the Atlantic in a matter of minutes - killer winds and rain for 30 minutes...then we'd be right back to blue skies.


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