19th January

sad day for me - 20 years ago today my dad passed away. Miss him lots.
Weather wise - I remember that day very well, the few days before it had been a bit icy with a layer of snow up at the stable yard (not in town)
That day though, was cold but bright.
We had arranged to take my daughter & her friend to see some Lipizzaner horses in Somerset - even though I had been at the hospital all night with Mum we still decided to go so as to not disappoint the kids.

 Looking back I think I must have been in shock. A 3 hour drive there.... but I remember driving past Stonehenge and it was a beautiful bright sparkly day with the sun gleaming on odd patches of pure white snow.
I also vividly remember my Dad waving goodbye as he was wheeled from the ambulance into the hospital.
Better stop or I'll start crying.
Miss you Dad x