31st December

Final day of the year! And a very mild day for late December. Sunny with a light breeze and not a cloud in the sky. The birds have been very active this morning and we've spotted a few confused Forsythia with yellow blooms on them! Those bushes should not bloom until April! If I wasn't down with a cold, I'd be out tending to the garden this weekend. Typically, it is far too cold this time of year. *laughs* We shall see what crazy weather patterns 2012 brings us.

Happy New Year!

31st Decrember 2011

Ok something weird going on here:
Garden. Last day of December.
It's winter? Right?
How come the hazel tree has catkins? The roses are budding? The birds are singing a dawn chorus? The fish in the pond are feeding (as opposed to semi-hibernation at the bottom of the pond)

Catkins? In December???????


All over the Holidays

I picked the gorgeous one up from Malaga train station on the 22nd and after picking our way through the beautifully decorated streets of Malaga found our way back up the mountain by midnight. It was he that noted the sky first - absolutely smothered in stars - the deepest black velvet with few spaces between each twinkling light. Some were bright and large shouting their presence, others a dim reflection, the overall impact was incredible. I can honestly say I have never seen so many stars in one go and to top it all, a shooting star. I made my wish!

Since then we have only had two slightly chilly and overcast days (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), otherwise it has been set fair. I keep meaning to research the full artist's palette of blues to find the name for the colour with which we are so lucky to be crowned with, one of many things on my 'to do' list.

We took the dogs down to the beach at Torre del Mar and apart from an unfortunate incident with an injured seagull (the foster dog needs a LOT of training) it was a lovely warm day on which to picnic. In the winter the sun has a marvellous way of making the sea sparkle; it is as if it is encrusted with crystals.

Today's venture is up and down the mountainsides; considerable exercise is required due to the inordinate amount of wine and pasta consumed. Not too unpleasurable a way to compensate.
The 'boys' enjoying the sunlit sea (Torre del Mar, Andalucia)


29h December

funny sort of day. Rained a bit, sunny a bit, rained a bit more then was sunny a bit more - its almost as if the Weather Gods can't make up their minds.
Maybe they've all overindulged over Christmas and are now a tad frazzled so are squabbling over who pushes what weather button.
"no, sunny"
"No, I want rainy"
"I want sunny"