10th December

Its cold.
'Nuff said.


7th December

I'm afraid no sunshine here in North Carolina either! I had to drive into town this morning and it was a wet ride! And don't tell the police, but I snapped a few photos on my phone whist driving. *laughs*

Driving on the bridge across the Catawba River, part of Lake Norman.

The view out my windshield (or wind screen depending on where you are in the world).

Temps are holding at about 60F/14C at present. Damp and not too cold today. But the forecast is for much colder weather on the morrow. The trees are now bare and a Carolina Wren has decided to nest in one of my hanging flower pots on the side porch. So I must let the plant die by  not watering it if her egg(s) are to survive. The basket is right by our side entryway and we are in and out all the time...why the little mamma bird would choose that location for her nest is beyond me!

7th December

Up earlier than usual this morning - they are resurfacing the road outside and even with double glazing, having my bedroom at the front of the house and noisy road mending is not compatible!
They started yesterday and with their huge lorries rolling back & forth etc the house felt as if I was sitting of top of a minor earthquake. Everything shaking & rattling.

Anyway.... the sky outside is a pale blue - blue only, not a cloud in sight, but gosh it looks (and is!) very cold.
The wind is from the north east, quite blowy and bitter cold.
Its one of those winter days when even just looking out the window (from the comfort of a centrally heated room) you just know it is icy cold out there.

So I am snug in my fluffy dressing gown sitting at my desk with a cosy radiator right next to me & a finished cup of tea. My feet are a bit cold now though. (Where is that draught coming from?) Must go find my slippers and then head for the bathroom for a shower & get dressed.
The day has begun and I really must do some work!

(What a contrast to Deborah's last post - she was sitting outside a cafe enjoying the Spanish sunshine!)


Out and About

Yesterday I was trawling the towns around Axarquia for shops that stock English language books to plead for shelf space for my own masterpiece. I chose a good day for it. Clear blue skies, warm sun and almost empty, winding roads as I steered the car from my village eastwards towards Competa. I did quite well as the two shops that met my criteria took my book - I thank them for it. Before standing in front of shopowners I needed a cup of tea to bolster my bravery quota and sat at an outdoor cafe, sunglasses firmly in place and enjoyed the beauty of the village. We have some mighty fine places that are ideal for aimless meandering up and down village lanes that could lead just about anyway - and often do.

Then to Nerja, the Balcon of Europe. As I waited for the owner of a shop to return I took the opportunity for a glass of something on a terrace overlooking the sea. The sun reflected onto the gentle rippling sea as silhouettes of ships slid along the horizon as they left the port of Malaga and headed eastwards. I was again fortunate and am ever grateful for the opportunity offered by the shop owner. So a successful and enjoyable day all told.

Today I have been beavering away on chapter plans whilst sat in the sun. However, the dogs require walking and we have been acccompanied on our jaunts with the sounds of young goats calling to their mothers and men knocking the ripe olives from the trees. The light is fantastic at this time of year, clear of heat haze and the moon rising in the afternoon sky must have helped as well.


5th December

The wind was very cold in London yesterday evening.
By "London" I mean the city of London - the main middle bit, not the outer suburbs where I live. (The City is about 7 miles away)

I was at St James for dinner with my US publisher at the Reform Club (very grand place)

Many London streets are long and have tall buildings either side - wind tunnels.
I walked from Green Park Station, along Piccadilly (past the Ritz hotel)

 Turned into St James Street.
It had been raining earlier so quite a few puddles about. Shop windows were beautifully decorated, so I stopped often to have a gaze.
At the end the road bends sharply to the left where the entrance to St James Palace is situated.

There's often a guard on duty -

didn't stop to see if there was one last night because as I turned the corner  phew - a blast of ice cold wind almost knocked me over.
I huddled into my coat & scuttled for the warmth of the Reform Club!
Sourcebooks' author Monica Fairview
 - and that gorgeous fire!


There's snow on them there hills!

There is the faintest of lines of snow on the uppermost ridge of Maroma. The inclement weather of the other evening resulted in the white line being haphazardly drawn across the mountain's top. I am positive this is earlier than last year's first snow. The good thing is I can enjoy the look without having to battle through too many snowstorms; the top of the mountain often carries snow whilst we enjoy the 20 degree winter sun.

It is not quite 20 degrees today. Whilst we have a blue sky and sun the thermometer is showing a low 15. Good dog-walking weather though.

The snow is just too far away to capture with my camera, so I shall share some of last year's with you instead.