26th November

Cool, breezy, partly cloudy day. The Black Cap Chickadees have all but cleaned out the bird feeder again. However, we seem to have lost our pair of Cardinals. Not heard nor seen them for a couple of weeks. Didn't think they migrated.

It's about 14c/55f at present. Good weather for yard work if I was so inclined. I'm not. *laughs*

26th November

A beautiful day - clear blue sky and a warm winter sun. I am very grateful for a light, sunny day after my dark dreams last night.
I had gone to sleep with my head full of wonderful thoughts of my beau, but when woken by one of the dogs barking frantically at 3am I became concerned (there was an attempted break-in at a neighbour's a few days previously). My dreams subsequently were a little darker in nature. At one point I was being chased by a large cut-throat razor across the grass (the razor had been 'pimped' and had a chain attached as well), I was jumping over it but I knew it wanted me to pick it up so it could cut my fingers off. My mother was calling to me and I kept saying, "I cannot write if I do not have any fingers!"
A little look into my psyche there!!

Today I am off in search of a plant that I glimpsed the other day on my walks that with hindsight may well be the supplier of saffron. Nature is very bountiful here and one could stock a herb store, fruit and veg stall and, if particularly bloodthirsty, the meat larder with all that is freely on offer here.
I'm just going to be very careful that there are no razors lurking in the undergrowth...


25th November

It was bright and sunny today, though distinctlly chilly. It's dusk now - almost dark, the sky is a dark blue, but I have my window open (stuffy in my office) and I can hear birds singing. Two wrens I think... ah they've stopped, but it is almost dark now.


23rd November

Again on Dog Pee patrol in the early hours of this morning. It was very still (and dark) breath in great clouds of mist - so very cold.
Must get the last of the gerniums under cover.


22nd November

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
         Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Bit like that here. Despite two days of almost continuous rain, with the stream running with such force it could almost be classed as a torrent, and the ground sodden and helping to create our second Spring, but with the sun now in the sky for the second day running I find myself entering the second day without water.
This is not funny. I am having to fill the kettle with bottled water, then fill the basin and wash from there; I am rationing my cups of tea (this quite frankly is the greatest problem) and I am filling the dogs' water bowls from the sheep trough that luckily sits only a few metres from my gates. All I want is to stand under a powerful shower and up my tea intake to the required 10 cups per day...

But despite all that I still have the beautiful mountain, Maroma, filling the view from my living room window.


21st November

"Dawn had meandered over the horizon, cascading dew over the grass and overnight-spun conwebs with a sparkle of fairy-diamonds"
from I am the Chosen King p228

posted on my Facebook wall by Vicki Nesting
thank you Vicki - how lovely!

21st November

The day began with a misty morning that did not burn off until mid morning. Now it is a bit warm for mid November in my opinion at 73F/21C. Sunny at the moment despite the foggy start of the day.

Yesterday I managed to finally plant the last of my Pansies:

I haven't mulched them in yet, so I expect the neighborhood cats to have fun digging in the dirt until I do! *laughs*


Sunny but chilly. Ron (husband) took Doggo for a walk down near the River Lea and said it was very misty.

I thought it was quite misty out when I let said Doggo out into the garden for an urgent pee at about 3 a.m.
That could have been because I'd had several large wines & was still more or less asleep though....
The weather has been decidedly miserable. Thunder-storms, drizzle and grey skies do nothing for the soul. I have been at the coast and the sea is a multiude of colours. Where the waves have churned up the sea-bed close to the shoreline it is a dirty white colour turning grey and dark as it moves out to the deeps.

I am also returning from the coast with another dog. I have fostered Squiff to save him from the gallows. He is a barker and after several denuncia (where a neighbour or such like denounce you to the police), his safest option was thought to be moved away, safe from the euthanasia needle.

So, I have been a good Samaritan this weekend - that'll teach me to drink too much wine!  ;0)