12th November

The sun is still warm and lighting the sky but today a little obscured by white clouds and a breeze is building. Rain is forecast for Monday, though with our micro-climate who knows.
The goats have been on a wander eating all the lush grass. One of my dogs goes apoplectic with rage that they dare walk past the house whilst the other whines to go and play. The goats are indifferent.

Opposite my gates goats are making the most of the
new grass at the edge of the track.


11th November

It may become a little tiresome if I report, yet again, a clear blue sky and warm sum greet me today. So, about last night...
the moon was big and bright and lit up my garden with that eerie silvery/white light so beloved of horror films, and the stars shone against the black backdrop of the sky. I love bright nights, it reminds me of my days as a Goth (dressed head to toe in black, backcombed hair and frightful make-up - looking like I'd just been dug up), skulking around the town at night thinking poetic, dark thoughts (typical Goth behaviour). I've sort of grown out of that now (less black and no make-up, though my hair often looks like a birds nest!), but last night, wrapped up in my thick dressing gown, I enjoyed sitting on the verendah thinking poetic thoughts.
Garden lit by the moon.
(Apologies for blurriness but slow shutter speed and no flash means me having to stand still - not good at that!)


Thursday 10th

Well it didn't rain today, so I suppose that's an improvement.

There was a wren singing outside my bedroom window this morning - one of our smallest birds, but with one of the loudest songs. They're dear little things, but hard to spot as they hide in thick hedges and undergrowth - unless its the male sitting on top of something high & singing his heart out.
(Not always good - they also sing during the night, especially just before dawn.....)

 I'm feeling quite outdone by Cathy & Deborah! I will have to get myself a camera & learn how to upload the photos to the computer  (did I hear Cathy snort just then? She knows how hopeless I am with techie things! *laugh* )

10 November

Cold front blew in last night and with it brought a little rain. Damp and not extremely chilly outside. But the weather did allow for some colorful photos as I was driving to town this morning *shhhhh* don't tell the police that I was using my cellphone camera while driving! *laughs*

Currently 59F here in Maiden.

View of the mountain that I live on in full autumn color.

View towards Charlotte, NC as I drove down off the mountain this morning.
 Strange how blue the sky came out on the phone camera - it looks more gray to the naked eye.
Another gorgeous day - blue skies, warm sun and some new flowers poking their heads skywards. Moved my pot plants to catch the sun and found a hitch-hiker in the form of a Praying Mantid.


Autumn is a little back to front in this part of the world. Yes, the leaves are falling from the almond trees and the vines are displaying colours reminiscent of the heat of the summer, but we also have growth. Succulent little blades of green are pushing their way through the scorched earth of the summer encouraged by the rainfall. Patches of emerald are sprouting up all around. Orange and lemon trees have produced their fruit which slowly are starting to turn yellow and orange in the autumn sun. Pomegranate fruits are bursting open on the branches, their ruby jewels attracting the birds and the last of the wasps.
And so I sit on my verendah, cup of tea at my elbow and listen to the birdsong and the burbling of the brook (fed by the autumn rains), and enjoy the sun before getting on with some much needed work.

9th November

Another dull morning, but it isn't raining. Most of the geraniums have finished now, although there are a few stout ones determined to continue flowering. As soon as I get the chance, must move them to the greenhouse.
Last year we lost the lot because they went mouldy. I think we put them away damp & didn't have enough ventilation in the greenhouse.
Won't make that mistake again.

I need to plant out the foxgloves (in pots at the moment) might keep the lupin in its pot though.
I set the pot on an old stool so it was raised above the other plants - and out of easy reach of the wretched snails & slugs.
First time for years that I had a lupin bloom.

Good idea for use of unwanted stools or small coffee tables. Place in the border & put pots on it. Provides height.

so to plant or not to plant?

Thinking of bees (work it out )
Will any bees or insects use my bee box?
Supposedly a safe, warm & cosy place for them to over winter. Two years running and nothing has moved in.
Oh well, at least I'm showing willing even if the bees aren't!


Back in Andalucia where the sun had been shining today, which was good as it was a dry walk to where my lift had broken down! All sorted now and sat in front of autumn's first log fire. The temperature does not really warrant it but, having been in hotels where the temperature resolutely remained at 28 degrees despite my attacks on the thermostat, it feels chilly.
Italy's weather was patchy, though luckily I was not in the flooded areas, and rain lashed down as I boarded the plane in Rome.
Raining when I leave and dry when I arrive...if all my trips were so fortuitous weather-wise!

Day one in Grottammare, blue sky and calm sea.

Day three in Grottammare - clouds are gathering and the sea has come alive.

Fortress in Camerino

Autumn colours - Umbria

whatever today is (can't remember!)


that about sums it up.
(um I think its Tuesday....)