22nd Octoberb

Cold wind, a bit too chilly to sit out, but the sunshine is lovely.
The chrysanthemums are nearly all out in the garden - must go cut some for the house. My wisteria is starting to turn colour, as is the big tree at the bottom of the garden (must find out what it is!) The Hazel is still very green though.
Oh & my copper beech hedging is turning copper and thickening out into a hedge - its been in 4 years, started as 15 plants at about 1 foot high. Now down to 10 (lost a couple) at about 4 foot high. Need to keep the tops trimmed now & encourage them to bush out.


21st October

A cold front has blown in bringing us cooler weather - had to turn the heater on this week! But the blustery wind and rain earlier in the week has caused the trees to change color quickly and already begin dropping leaves. Rake is out of the shed, but I am doing my best in putting off the labor. *laughs* Currently 59F/15C.

I have a hankerin' for pumpkin cream cake. Must be Fall.


18th October

lovely sunny day - despite the heavy rain last night. Bit chilly though, heating is on (only low though)