1st October

It is a glorious day. Only 10.20 a.m. but it is already warm. The sky is a pale blue (do they call it "baby blue"?) No clouds, though there is a hint of misty whiteness, I assume this will burn off before long.
Spread across the Wisteria outside my office window is the most enormpus spider's web (quite happy for it to be there - as long as the spider stays outside!) The sun is glistening on it as it moves gently in the breeze - actually quite beautiful!
Spiders are beautiful to look at too really, such a shame they are so scary!

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There is a bird singing. That's not right. I don't think birds should be singing this time of year.
Or do they?
Wrens sing most of the year round at dawn, I think - Robins too?
Hmm will have to find out about that....

October already.
Where did the year go?


29th September

Looks like we are in for an Indian Summer - yesterday, and now today, glorious rather warm sunshine. Blue, blue sky.... mind you chilly at night, with the typical autumn smells of damp earth, a hint of mist and a very slight touch of frost in the air.
Where the sun was high in the sky around now (11.30 a.m.) it is quite low now, just about peeping above the roofs of the houses at the back of us. Another month and it will be even lower.
No more pretty sparkly rainbows dancing on my office wall and ceiling, now, until next spring. :-(

Cobwebs everywhere, covered in dew-diamonds of a morning. Which is great because you can see them then. Midday, you just walk slap into the spider plonked right in the middle. OK so they are harmless - that's not the point!


27th September

We have had rain and overall cloudy skies for days now here in the Carolinas. Not typical for us! And the air has been oppressively humid for late September! But the plants are loving the extra watering from Mother Nature at least. This morning the birds have been very active on the feeder - black caps, tufted titmouse and a few doves milling around the ground. I hadn't seen hummingbirds for days, but one did flit in yesterday for a drink of nectar. We have a resident pair of Cardinals that are still visiting every evening around dusk.

The burning bush is half red now and many of the trees are hinting at autumn colours too. All that we are missing is cooler weather!

Red Cardinal - which happens to be North Carolina's official state bird

Black Cap

Tufted Titmous