24th Sept

on Twitter, @DeAnnSmithkc mentioned her dogwoods were just vstarting to turn - I have two young ones, planted last year, outside my back door. They are still very green. One should turn red, the other yellow - will have to wait eagerly to see!

Lovely day in the garden, though I am still supposed to be resting my slightly puffy ankle after twisting it the other day.

Couldn't resists shifting a few flower pots around - armed with the salt for the yuck slugs!.

Is there a USE for slugs? Aside from feeding hedgehogs?


23rd September

It is the Autumn Equinox - today is officially the first day of Autumn (Fall to my US friends)
I assume it is the first day of Spring to those of you "Down Under"?

I should have been working - writing and such. I have Things that need doing.
So I went out into the garden and it was such a beautiful afternoon I did some gardening, tidying up all the dead heads and such - and fending off garden spiders -  there are dozens of them. My problem, with my not very good eyesight I can't see the webs.
Webs I don't mind, walking slap into a spider - ur no. I now walk down the garden path of a morning to let the Chooks out and give them their breakfast with a peculiar arm motion and  a stick. The stick gets waved up and down in front of me thus gently breaking any path-spanning webs - kind to spiders and kind to Helens.

I heard on the radio that finches have a disease and they are dying - goldfinches, grreenfinches, chaffinches. Oh dear.

I could write a bit more, but I really must answer some e-mails and do some work today.

So I'm going to cheat.
My good friend Linda Proud (write fabulous historical fiction) was the good lady who camne up with the idea for a weather diary (do you remember Linda)
her blog post today is beautifully written. So I'm simply going to tell you to
CLICK >>>>> HERE and direct you to Linda's magical words....


21st September ~ Rainy Day in North Carolina

It has been raining since I woke up this morning....six hours ago *laughs* Mind you we needed it as it has been dry here for weeks. The birds continue to devour the food in the feeder though, swooping in for a bite and then back out for more substantial shelter in the trees. Hummingbirds are still visiting daily, although I'd expect them to migrate farther south any time now. Fall has officially arrives this week - cool, wet and grey that it is at present. 68f/19c


21st September - London

It started off drab - a dull grey, drizzling rain, but it is now 3-30 pm and the sky is a lovely pale blue with the sun shining.
Probably Ok if you were walking, or working, but a bit chilly to sit out without a sweater or cardigan - the sun is definitely losing its warmth, and autumn setting in.
I noticed this morning - no swifts!
They've all gone. I'll miss "my boys" as I call them - they are such fun to watch and listen too.

See you next spring guys! Safe journey to where-ever it is you go! (Africa?)


19th September ~ More of the same?

Hello again from North Carolina,

I'd hoped to have a sunnier day to report for a Monday. But we are still shrouded in grey skies. Temps are remaining cool, which I will not complain about after the fires of Hades summer we had. At present it is 18c/64f and night is now upon us.

I keep expecting rain to fall....yet oddly it has stayed away despite all the clouds!