17th September ~ Steely Grey Skies Over North Carolina

Steel grey skies and cool air dominate the weather at present here in Maiden, NC. Light breeze and 60 degrees (15c) tops out the day. I woke up to 51 degrees (10c) and spotty rain while driving into town for the groceries. And apparently the dreary weather had everyone else out on the roads! The traffic was worse than rush hour! Sheesh! I don't mind the overcast skies so much - seems to bring out my creative muse. Although today I've not created a darn thing! *laughs*

If you look closely in the woods behind our home, you can spot one or two rust colored leaves. The Sourwood trees are beginning to show a bit of red. Won't be long!

That's all for now folks!

C. H.

September 17th

Chilly and windy.
What I want to know.... how come it is bright and dry when I peg all my laundry out on the line - and 5 minutes later, as soon as I get indoors, it's raining so I have to run out and bring it all in again wetter than when it went out?
Sheesh.... grumble.... sigh....


September 16th - Current conditions in Maiden, North Carolina!

Huzzah! Anniversary Celebration
Message from Helen in London UK

I have been keeping this weather diary for a  year round - the first entry was Thursday September 16th 2010  I haven't necessarily made an entry every day, but I've not missed that many. 
The idea was to keep a weather diary for use when writing my novels - it's all too easy to say "the sun was shining in a blue sky" or "the rain had not stopped all day" - there are subtle variations to the weather. A glorious sunset - next day drizzle (don't you go believing the rhyme "Red Sky at Night Shepherd's Delight" - it ain't true!) 
So, to make this next year a little different, I've asked my graphics designer, and good friend, Cathy Harmon Helms of Avalon Graphics to contribute as well.
Cathy lives in North Carolina, USA - I thought it would be interesting to compare what's happening each side of the Atlantic!
If anyone would like to join in - please feel free to add what the weather is like where you are in the comments!
And I look forward to sharing the weather (a very British thing!) with you all for another year!

So with no further ado -
 Welcome to Cathy and North Carolina!

Hello all!
We've enjoyed a lovely day today, light breeze and dry air. A welcome change from a very hot and humid summer! Currently it is 81F/27C and partly cloudy.

There are the beginning signs of Fall on the way at last:

Our Burning Bush is beginning to turn red.

And our White Oak trees are dropping acorns! We need hard hats to be out working in the yard at present! Acorns keep hitting the roof of the house which can be quite loud at times. The little buggers tend to dent cars and gutters. I'll need to get the rake out soon.

My beautiful Hydrangea are all faded for fall as well. Blooming season ended about six weeks ago.

A cold front is on its way, so I'll report in over the weekend with an update!



september 15th

I went to Waltham Abbey yesterday evening for the first of what is going to be an annual event - Holy Cross Day .

It was a gloriously mild evening and our re-created "walk" (see the link for details) was congenial and good fun.
The peal of bells from the abbey was fantastic (I love church bells) and walking back through the abbey grounds afterwards to the car park was especially delightful.
Dusk, the bells still ringing joyfully, and walking through the "scented" garden in the grounds was heavenly. Lavender.
Dozens of lavender bushes.

To be honest, I was tempted to sit there, close my eyes and soak up the sounds and smells.
Couldn't though.
I was desperate for a wee!


13th September

The wind didn't get too bad here in London - still "blustery" today, but again bright, bright sunshine - although it poured with rain a couple of hours ago. It stopped as quickly as it started though.
I've just had an afternoon cup of tea out in the garden.

Most of the early autumn flowers are out now - sunflowers and such. The roses are doing well - although we are going to move them come the winter when they are dormant. They are in a bed in the middle of the lawn, we're bringing them higher up the garden, alongside the greenhouse so we can see the colours better.
The chickens have the lower part of the garden anyway - fenced in so they stay out of the top half. I don't mind them up here, but they are a bit "shitty"!

The Bizzy Lizzies are full of mildew - it seems they have a disease (found out on Gardeners Question Time, Radio 4) They advised pulling them all up & not buying them for a couple of years. So next year we'll stick to lobelia I think - the plants I have look lovely trailing from pots etc.
Must remember to get more nasturtiums as well, they make such a lovely dash of colour.


12th September

a bit of a blustery day. A remnant of hurricane Katia it seems.
There were one or two heavy gusts this morning, but now (almost 4 p.m. ) the gyusts are more sustained
There's a lull, then a whoosh of wind, that hurtles through the tops of the trees. No great roaring or worry about damage though.
Upstairs flat back door is banging & there's been some thumps and bumps from her kitchen - her fault, she should shut the door shouldn't she!

Sky is bright blue, wind is a little chilly, but otherwise quite a mild day.


September 11th - 9/11

The wind is a bit frisky - comes in gusts, we have been told to keep an eye on the forecasts because a gale - or possible hurricane is gheading towards the UK.
I thought it was Irene that so scared the US a week ago, but apparantly it now has a new name (Katia? Will have to check that!)

The sky is a beautiful bright bright blue though - and it is so mild out!

I remember ten years ago, 9/11, the sky was a beautiful blue then. A fabulous early autumn day.
Especially, I recall walking to work (I had a part time job in a school library) the next morning.
The sky then, was the brightest duck-egg blue, no clouds - and no vapour trails. It was rather scary not having any planes flying over London - and so quiet.

This part of N.E London is the stacking area for Stansted Airport  and we are also on the flight paths for Haethrow, so there are often a lot of planes overhead (depending on the wind direction)
When I'm in the garden, having lunch or breakfast and a big plane comes over quite low (just taken off from Heathrow or Stansted) and is climbing, I wonder where it's going. And every time, despite it being ten years later, I think of those planes being deliberately steered into the twin towers.

Because of various volcanoes in Iceland not having planes overhead has happened several times lately, so is rather welcomed, but not on that horrifying day.
You can't get those images out of your head can you? Or the thought of what those passengers on the plane were feeling = especially those on the second plane.
And everyone in the towers.
I have lit candles at 1.46 UK time - the time when the first plane hit.

Rest peacefully those who passed