13th August

A peculiar day - not cloudy, not bright, not warm, not cold, no wind. It's as if Nature is sitting on a wall, kicking her heels, waiting for something interesting to happen.


August 10th

I've rather neglected the weather - well, its not been anything wonderful to write home about!
A bit of rain, a bit of sun - a huff and puff of wind.
Damp evening, a bit cold at night.
And the snails and slugs have eaten ALL my Bizzy Lizzies! All I have left is stalks!

The lilies smell gorgeous though, and the honeysuckle of an evening.
The two dogwoods I planted have taken well - and the rosemary bush.

I DID have a load of nuts on the hazel tree - blooming squirrel.....

The copperbeach hedge is at a nice height, though the bushes themselves are still very young and skinny. We will trim the tops next spring to encourage them to fill out and make a decent hedge.

Some of the roses seem OK for black spot this year - but have got a grey mould on the leaves instead. Can't win can you?

August 10th

This day 12 years ago we had one of our horses put down - Ginger. She was a lovely lady, if somewhat grumpy (a typical chestnut mare) She taught my daughter a lot - and even now, after all this time we miss her.