23rd July

Rained last night, sunny this morning, though the wind is a bit chilly.
The geranuims are looking very sorry for themselves. I don't think they like the rain :-(


18th July

Got very chilly last night. Today it is very windy.

Was listening to a programme about the Indonesian Tsunami that struck a few years ago on Boxing Day. The main wave was 20ft high - and everyone thinks there is just one big wave, actually its more like a 2oft high river - as there are a series of them - in this case three.
And each also carries debris - cars, bricks, girders, broken glass, bodies (bits of bodies) rubbish, sewage.....
and then you get the pull back when the waves reverse and return to the sea, leaving all the debris behind.

The earthquake itself, under the sea, was of an equal power to1,500 atom bombs being dropped in one place at once.
Nature is awesome.


17th July

an un-improvement on yesterday.... we have the sunny interludes, the pouring buckets of rain (and a broken down-pipe from the guttering) AND .... YES.... we have the music and lights to go with it! Thunder and Lightning!

So its turn on and turn off with the Internet..... :-/