16th July

the occasional blue bit of sky - in betweeen it absolutely pouring 


Fri 15th

Bought a load of plants from the garden centre yesterday - lobelia, geraniums other ia's and ium's .... can't remember the names. Pretty though!

It's a bit late in the season, but these are all summer to autumn perennials. My garden is really a May/June garden, so lots of greenery now, but not much colour, so this afternoon I'm going planting.

The runner beans are prolific - we did have a load of peas, but the chickens got in the veg patch. Toms coming on well & two lots of spuds so far. Lettuces are rubbish. I reckon it was last year's seed - and Ron keeps saying he's watered when he hasn't.

Cucumbers are like marrows. Flowers on the melons & peppers..... will I get any fruit?


12th July

It's suddenly turned really windy - my wind chimes are going like the clappers outside.

Been hot again lately - between bouts of pouring rain. The garden is look a bit battered and beaten. Lots of things need deadheading and cutting back. Just haven't the time.

My cucumbers in the greenhouse are as big as marrows though!
Raspberries nearly all gone. Roses doing well.