5th May

Cloud cover today. The wind has dropped and we've had a bit of rain, not enough to do anything useful though.
In some areas there have been forest fires - the moors of Scotland, heathland in Berkshire & Ireland. The dreadful thing, many were started deliberately.

Yesterday I heard a flock of swifts go squealing past. I call them "my boys" I love hearing them hurry past and see them swoop and dive.
Today the blackbird is outside my window again. No sound of my little wren though. I fear he might have perished in all the smoke that came over from the warehouse fire last week at the top of our road.


3rd May

Sun is still shining but it is still windy, which is making it chilly outside.
My wind chimes are gently chiming ( *laugh* ) which is nice, but the neighbour's door is open & it keeps banging, the noise is driving me mad.

The garden is looking lovely, all sorts of flowers are out now, bees buzzing about, the occasional butterfly.

Not as many birds as last year though. Maybe because of the kitten?


1st May

'Tis the merry merry month of May!

May Blossom

Beltane is the Gaelic name for the month of May - a word that comes from the Celtic 'bright fire'. 
It's always been thought of as the first day of spring - but actually its really the first day of summer,  Beltane marks the start of the summer as it is half way between the spring equinox and the mid-summer solstice. Oh well. In the past it marked the day when cattle and sheep were driven out to summer pasture - so huzzah maybe we can turn the horses out to grass at last! Not that there is much grass. No rain to help it grow, which will mean no hay for next winter :-(

There has always been tradition of lighting bonfires, dancing round Maypoles, well having a darn good bunfight really. We did that on Friday as part of the Royal Wedding Celebration - so its all part of the same rejoicing and feeling of 'Yay Get up and Go' - bit of sunshne and blue sky and an excuse to have party does you a world of good eh?

Brightest Blessings for Beltane!