30th April

Yesterday was Royal Wedding day - a lovely day here in London. The sky was a little grey but the sun did come out.

Today  the last day of April) the sun is shinng but it's a bit cold - quite a high, cold, wind.
I've just looked oit my office window. The ripples in the pond from the fountain are reflecting as patterns on the flower pots & irises to one side & the fish are all in a group sunbathing.


28th April

There is a blackbird singing his heart out in the tree outside my office window.
Absolutely beautiful!

Other places in the world may be spectacular, but sorry, nothing can beat the song of a blackbird in an English garden on a fabulous spring day!

Except, perhaps, the song of a wren...


27th April

Lovely bright sunny day - but is this wind coming straight from Siberia? Bl**dy freezing!


26th April

I was up early. Monday we went to the garden centre to buy geraniums, tomato plants, strawberry plants - and I got a melon and a cucumber. No idea how to grow cucumbers. Interesting to find out.

So as I was up early I potted on the geraniums. They are now in nice terracotta pots ready to be put out in the garden.

Day time out.
Night time back in the greenhouse
 - not risking cold nights just yet.


24th April

The wisteria is flowering (yay!)
the sun is shining (yay)
its a beautiful day (yay)
the fire in the industrial estate at the end of the road is still burning (not yay)
the air is full of smoke (definitely not yay)
all windows closed (double definitely not yay)