26th February

Message from Mab.

Please Mr, could make it not rain outside my little cat flappy door please? I don't like getting my paws wet, its all uncomfy.

And could you make it not rain outside my Mummy's office window as well? Cos I like to go out the window and in the cat flappy door, only its raining outside the window and the cat flappy door and there's a great big nasty wet puddle between the two

And I don't like getting we.e.e.e.t!


25th February

Its Spring!
A bunble bee came to my open office window to say hello - and Ron & I ate our lunch in the garden. OK so we didn't stay there long, that's not the point. Eating lunch in the garden... in February?


23rd February

And lo they all cameth in from the Outside
And huddled close to the warmth
For it was bloody cold and wet

Yea but it be miserableth


21st February

And lo, they raised themselves from their beds
And they followed one another Outside
"Yea" they cried. "Verily what be this strange yellow orb that gloweth bright in the sky?"
And they fell upon their knees in wonder!


20th February

la la la la - its raining.
OK Gardener in the sky - we're well watered, you can turn the hose off now.