12th February

Bright sunny day, but a bit chilly. Lovely for walking, not so good for sitting around.

This time of year my best friend, Hazel, and her family & my family, used to go to the Lake District for a week. Most years we went to the same cottage overlooking Esthwaite, which is a small  lake near Hawkshead, and where Beatrix Potter lived.
Esthwaite - looking towards Hawkshead



10th February

can anyone tell me why I am sitting here, huddled in a blanket because Mab the kitten is demanding that the window is left open?

It's pouring with rain outside and she can't go out (what? get wet ???!!!???)
so she's sitting on my windowsill forlornly gazing out.

Such a tantrum when I closed the window....


9th February

Oh what a beautiful
Oh what a beautiful day......."


8th February

all sing:

It's a lovely day
(lovely day, lovely day)
It's a lovely day.....


7th February

Robin: wot you doin' 'ere?
Sparrow: None of your business
Robin: I got 'ere first. Clear off
Sparrow: no you didn't, I've been 'ere a long time
Robin: (hopping closer) Look mate, I saw this place first. Beat it.
Sparrow: No. My missus says she wants it and I an't gonna upset her.
Robin: MY missus is bigger then your missus....

tune in next week to see which bird getsto rent the nest box.... or will the Blue Tit  muscle in?


6th February

the snowdrops are now fully out. Huzzah!