4th February

The North Wind doth Blow
And we shall have Snow
And what will poor Helen do then?
Poor thing

She'll hide in her home
And will no longer roam
And stay in her bed until Spring!


3rd February

My husband says its cold. I say it isn't too bad.
My husband says "It's snowing in Scotland"

er..... so?
How is that relevant to London?


2nd February

My snowdrop is out! A tiny bud about to open.
I bought the bulbs last November when I was staying in Devon with my friend and editor, Jo Field. We went to the gardenn centre and had lunch and I treated myself to the snowdrops as a reminder of Devconshire.

yay! They've come up!


1st February

Dull, dreary yuck sort of day :-(


31st January

Cold but bright & sunny.
The wallflowers are blooming in the garden :-)
 the daffs are about 3 inches high :-)
 no sign of the snowdrops I planted though :-(


30th January

Bright but cold - what little I saw of it. I slept unitl gone 2 p.m. !