no idea what today's date is!

cold. cold. cold. cold. cold.
um...... its cold :-)


26th January

Is the sky blue or grey today?
Hmm, not sure that I can say.
Its not exactkly wet,
and yet
Its not exactly dry
- no, wait,  I tell a lie....

its raining.


25th January

I had this e-mail from my friend, author Pauline Barclay who lives in Lanzarote
(one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa) 

I’ve spent most of the morning mopping! We had a terrible storm in the night which ran through to this morning. Torrential rain and high winds!

We haven’t yet replaced all the old windows in the villa, the rain came in as if there was nothing there….eek! We must  get them replaced.

In the garage we had the roof done last year as it was so bad you only had to spit and it leaked. We thought 'great no water there' ….wrong!

The rain was so heavy it ran under the door and flooded the garage and store room. I mopped up buckets and buckets of water…. Both inside and out….
Thank God we don’t have carpet here, only tiled floors. 

The sun is now shining and it looks like we never had any of the storm when you see the blue sky.

Off to pegging out towels etc in prep for more rain…just in case.
All the furniture in the pergola lounge is out in the sun drying….what a mess everywhere.

Never seen so much water in one go. The gardens will go mad as we have had no rain for nearly 2 months.
Just look at the colour of that sea! Fabulous!