15th January

Very windy, almost gale force gusts at times. I heard seagulls in the sport's field over the back - blowy at sea then. The trees are lashing about - Mab the kitten thoroughly enjoying chasing falling leaves that are skittering about. She's captured several of them and generously brought them in as presents. You should see my kitchen floor!


14th January

Its raining again, I'm sorry to say
I wish the rain would dribble away
On the other hand the rain keeps me inside
away from my desk I cannot hide
So get on with my work and so some writing
But being indoors isn't quite as exciting!


13th January

Today Ron & I moved the wisteria over. Not the actual plant, just one of the wires it runs along.
I live in a downstairs maisonette you see, and the wire was too close to upstairs' back stairs. I had deliberately put the wisteria there to hide the darn things a bit. But "She" (upstairs neighbour) had moaned.
Wisteria does rather spread I suppose.

Anyway today being a fairly brightish / dullish but dry day, Ron & I got the ladders out & moved it over a bit.

We also moved the bird feeders so Mab Kitten wouldn't be able to reach when Kitten becomes Cat.
(except she decided to walk along the wisteria wire like a trapeze artist.)  I just know she is going to end up in the pond one day!

So job done.

Maybe this year the wretched thing will actually flower? ;-(


11th January

This time last year we still had snow, although it was starting to disappear. The roads were icy though.
I clearly remember because it was the day of my mum's funeral.

My sister had been anxious worrying about whether she could get to the church and was then worrying about getting to the crematorium.
I told her all that would be the undertaker's problem (and actually they assured me they had winter tyres fitted & had shovels, snow chains etc)

All went well. A bit surreal looking back.
My major upset? I have (had) a beautifully warm black part cashmere coat. Hadn't worn it for months.
Put it on about to leave for the funeral and it didn't fit. I'd put on far too much weight. So I had to hurriedly find another dark coat. Fortunately I have a woollen "Cardie-style" coat, so I wore that.

I'm still upset about that cashmere coat.


9th January

Beautiful day - very cold though. Red ears & noses when walking. Frosty this morning.
Daffs & bulbs all popping their tentative way out. Green shoots are everywhere.
Wonder if the snowdrops I planted will do anything?

Trouble is, I can't remember where I planted them!