Shortest Day

It may be the shortest day but it is one of my busiest, and that is without picking up a pen! House to be cleaned, dogs bathed, more biscotti to be made (I tested one too many of the previous batch) and then the beautifying routine (the longest of the activities) ready for the arrival of the gorgeous one tomorrow.

I have been blessed with a lovely warm day, for which I think the dogs are also grateful. 17C by half past eleven this morning. Damp dogs are now steaming in the sun.

I've noticed that many people are getting excited that with the winter solstice out of the way that Spring is only around the corner. Well, we know that's not true; the solstice is the start of winter not the end! Yes the days may lengthen ever so slightly but it is still going to be cold(er) (and in the UK no doubt wet), and anyway if you don't have winter you can't have spring, unless you're in southern Spain. Down here we have two springs and a summer!

Anyway, back to the housework.

Have a super Christmas!