Out and About

Yesterday I was trawling the towns around Axarquia for shops that stock English language books to plead for shelf space for my own masterpiece. I chose a good day for it. Clear blue skies, warm sun and almost empty, winding roads as I steered the car from my village eastwards towards Competa. I did quite well as the two shops that met my criteria took my book - I thank them for it. Before standing in front of shopowners I needed a cup of tea to bolster my bravery quota and sat at an outdoor cafe, sunglasses firmly in place and enjoyed the beauty of the village. We have some mighty fine places that are ideal for aimless meandering up and down village lanes that could lead just about anyway - and often do.

Then to Nerja, the Balcon of Europe. As I waited for the owner of a shop to return I took the opportunity for a glass of something on a terrace overlooking the sea. The sun reflected onto the gentle rippling sea as silhouettes of ships slid along the horizon as they left the port of Malaga and headed eastwards. I was again fortunate and am ever grateful for the opportunity offered by the shop owner. So a successful and enjoyable day all told.

Today I have been beavering away on chapter plans whilst sat in the sun. However, the dogs require walking and we have been acccompanied on our jaunts with the sounds of young goats calling to their mothers and men knocking the ripe olives from the trees. The light is fantastic at this time of year, clear of heat haze and the moon rising in the afternoon sky must have helped as well.