Baking, Drying, Still

Standing in my kitchen rolling out my biscotti dough, looking out at the sheets flapping away like some angry birds, I am very pleased that I now have the curtain to prevent the whistling draught through my front door. The oven is warming the kitchen which means the fire does not need to be lit just yet. Yet, when I had gone into the village to collect the post (and surprise I am now in receipt of three Christmas cards!) there was not even the slightest breeze to disturb the leaves on the trees. I swear it was  a few degrees warmer as well.
The dogs are agitating to go for their walk but they will have to hold fire until the biscuits are done. We will definitely be venturing out, I need to collect some kindling and I espied some good size bits of tree that would burn nicely in the grate... I remind myself of the poor man collecting winter fuel.


  1. Biscotti! Do share once it is ready. *laughs* It sounds like you have warm weather over there!

    We converted our wood burning fireplace to gas last winter so we'd no longer have to bring in kindling - lazy in our old ages here.

  2. The fire is my only source of heat (and rented accomm so no chance of conversion here esp. as gas comes in bottle form!)so kindling is collected with regularity. Thank goodness I live in warm climes; no idea how I used to manage in the same scenario back in Blighty! ;)


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