7th December

Up earlier than usual this morning - they are resurfacing the road outside and even with double glazing, having my bedroom at the front of the house and noisy road mending is not compatible!
They started yesterday and with their huge lorries rolling back & forth etc the house felt as if I was sitting of top of a minor earthquake. Everything shaking & rattling.

Anyway.... the sky outside is a pale blue - blue only, not a cloud in sight, but gosh it looks (and is!) very cold.
The wind is from the north east, quite blowy and bitter cold.
Its one of those winter days when even just looking out the window (from the comfort of a centrally heated room) you just know it is icy cold out there.

So I am snug in my fluffy dressing gown sitting at my desk with a cosy radiator right next to me & a finished cup of tea. My feet are a bit cold now though. (Where is that draught coming from?) Must go find my slippers and then head for the bathroom for a shower & get dressed.
The day has begun and I really must do some work!

(What a contrast to Deborah's last post - she was sitting outside a cafe enjoying the Spanish sunshine!)