5th December

The wind was very cold in London yesterday evening.
By "London" I mean the city of London - the main middle bit, not the outer suburbs where I live. (The City is about 7 miles away)

I was at St James for dinner with my US publisher at the Reform Club (very grand place)

Many London streets are long and have tall buildings either side - wind tunnels.
I walked from Green Park Station, along Piccadilly (past the Ritz hotel)

 Turned into St James Street.
It had been raining earlier so quite a few puddles about. Shop windows were beautifully decorated, so I stopped often to have a gaze.
At the end the road bends sharply to the left where the entrance to St James Palace is situated.

There's often a guard on duty -

didn't stop to see if there was one last night because as I turned the corner  phew - a blast of ice cold wind almost knocked me over.
I huddled into my coat & scuttled for the warmth of the Reform Club!
Sourcebooks' author Monica Fairview
 - and that gorgeous fire!