Thursday 10th

Well it didn't rain today, so I suppose that's an improvement.

There was a wren singing outside my bedroom window this morning - one of our smallest birds, but with one of the loudest songs. They're dear little things, but hard to spot as they hide in thick hedges and undergrowth - unless its the male sitting on top of something high & singing his heart out.
(Not always good - they also sing during the night, especially just before dawn.....)

 I'm feeling quite outdone by Cathy & Deborah! I will have to get myself a camera & learn how to upload the photos to the computer  (did I hear Cathy snort just then? She knows how hopeless I am with techie things! *laugh* )


  1. I adore wrens! We have a few of them around here too.

    And do not feel outdone! Get Kathy to help you with some photos of your garden!! And Ipromise that I did not snort at your comment *laughs* ♥

  2. I do miss the wrens and the summer dawn chorus particularly. Here I get singing frogs, not quite as tuneful!


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