November has arrived

...and so have I!

The morning was spent pottering around as the sun warmed the air enough for me to venture out. The dogs were occupied by the neighbour's mutt who had popped over for a romp.
Finally a comfortable 20C was hit by the mercury and I sat in the sun, listening to the bells from the goats on the hillside opposite, lifting my head occasionally from my notebook when the Peregrine Falcon's shadow cast itself across the page, and warming my bones.

The 1st November is All Saints' Day in the Christian calendar and here in Spain is also known as the Day of the Dead. In what I think is a lovely tradition families pay their respect to departed family members by decorating their grave with flowers and then spend the rest of the day with the living family. I gave the villagers long enough to pay their respects before trotting up to the cemetery. The sun was bouncing off the white washed walls and the heady smell of pollen hit my nostrils as soon as I entered. It was a beautiful sight each memorial framed by beautiful flowers.

I am now sat back on the verendah in the late afternoon sun, snoozing dogs sharing my blanket. Rain is forecast for Thursday, but I will be winging my way to Italy for a few days, where I hope the rain stays away.  So the next update is from Italy. Ciao for now.


  1. Lovely to hear you too are having lovely weather for the holiday. It is 29c in our garden, so like you enjoying the sun. Have a great time in Italy.

  2. Ok. I've got the grumps now.
    While you two - Deborah & Pauline - are sitting enjoying the sun I've got the central heating on & although its only 4.20 p.m its getting dark already.

    *laugh* - welcome to Weather Wise Deborah (& thanks for the comment Pauline - she's one of our lovely regulars on here Deborah.)
    It's exciting and interesting hearing about other parts of the world!

  3. Sounds like perfect weather where you are! I am finally up to 15c/60f here. The sun is out at least.
    Central heat is on here too, Helen *snuggles with you*

    Big welcome to Deborah! Looking forward to hearing about the places in your travels!


Whatever the weather where you are - thank you for adding your thoughts!