9th November

Another dull morning, but it isn't raining. Most of the geraniums have finished now, although there are a few stout ones determined to continue flowering. As soon as I get the chance, must move them to the greenhouse.
Last year we lost the lot because they went mouldy. I think we put them away damp & didn't have enough ventilation in the greenhouse.
Won't make that mistake again.

I need to plant out the foxgloves (in pots at the moment) might keep the lupin in its pot though.
I set the pot on an old stool so it was raised above the other plants - and out of easy reach of the wretched snails & slugs.
First time for years that I had a lupin bloom.

Good idea for use of unwanted stools or small coffee tables. Place in the border & put pots on it. Provides height.

so to plant or not to plant?

Thinking of bees (work it out )
Will any bees or insects use my bee box?
Supposedly a safe, warm & cosy place for them to over winter. Two years running and nothing has moved in.
Oh well, at least I'm showing willing even if the bees aren't!