27th November

Yesterday we cleared the last of the geraniums and potted them up in various pots to put safe in the greenhouse. Fingers crossed they survive the winter as they have been beautiful in the garden all summer.
The garden looks a bit bare now - but has turned a lovely autumn colour.
WE went down to the stable yard in Waltham Abbey today (Kathy wanted me to watch her ride Lexie - gosh that horse is BIG - 17.2 at least)
WE drove home through Epping Forest. The sun was low - even at mid day so everything was a bit dazzled. Clear blue sky - a very pale blue, many of the trees that turned early now have bare branches, but the oaks, beeches, silver birch are ablaze with autumn colour  - mostly yellows this year, not many reds or coppers.
In my garden the big tree next door (must find out what it is!) has lost all its leaves, my hazel is a glorious yellow & the copper beech hedge is more yellow than copper.
The dogwoods have changed now - one has yellow stems, one red.
The wisteria (yellow leaves also) is shedding badly, I have to fish leaves ot of the fish pond every day.  The fish are still feeding, but not as much as when it was warm
Cold wind today - it got quite fierce during the night.
Kathy has collected loads of conkers - no idea what she is going to do with them though!
I'd love to plant a couple but I think a Horse Chestnut tree would be far too big for our garden - pity!