26th November

A beautiful day - clear blue sky and a warm winter sun. I am very grateful for a light, sunny day after my dark dreams last night.
I had gone to sleep with my head full of wonderful thoughts of my beau, but when woken by one of the dogs barking frantically at 3am I became concerned (there was an attempted break-in at a neighbour's a few days previously). My dreams subsequently were a little darker in nature. At one point I was being chased by a large cut-throat razor across the grass (the razor had been 'pimped' and had a chain attached as well), I was jumping over it but I knew it wanted me to pick it up so it could cut my fingers off. My mother was calling to me and I kept saying, "I cannot write if I do not have any fingers!"
A little look into my psyche there!!

Today I am off in search of a plant that I glimpsed the other day on my walks that with hindsight may well be the supplier of saffron. Nature is very bountiful here and one could stock a herb store, fruit and veg stall and, if particularly bloodthirsty, the meat larder with all that is freely on offer here.
I'm just going to be very careful that there are no razors lurking in the undergrowth...