13th November

Woke to a bright, bright, blue sky - and its turned "warm" again (by which I mean its not too cold!)
The yellowed leaves are tumbling from my Wisteria now - I have to fish them out from the pond every morning. (In hindsight, allowing the Wisteria to thread itself over wires across the pond was stupid - but as the pond and the Wisteria are both outside my office window....) Once its died back we're going to re-arrange where the wires go.
Anyone know when the Dogwoods change colour? One is supposed to be red wood, the other yellow..... they both look a bit greenish from where I'm sitting here in my office. Must go take a closer look.

Collecting Kathy from the stable yard yesterday we drove along the Epping New Road, which is a high ridge between the Lea Valley and the Roding Valley. The Forest is so beautiful in Autumn.

The Lee / Lea is confusing as there are two spellings Lee and Lea.
The Lee Valley is the name of the valley - and all its leisure centres etc (and site of the 2012 Olympic Games) while the  River Lea is the river - as Wikipedia states:

'There are many different spellings of the river's name. In the 19th century the Ordnance Survey decided to use both Lea and Lee. After years of dispute about the spelling, now it is agreed that the natural features such as the river are spelt Lea, whilst man-made features are spelt Lee, such as the Lee Valley Park'

Epping Forest
 (photo pilfered from the internet!)