11th November

It may become a little tiresome if I report, yet again, a clear blue sky and warm sum greet me today. So, about last night...
the moon was big and bright and lit up my garden with that eerie silvery/white light so beloved of horror films, and the stars shone against the black backdrop of the sky. I love bright nights, it reminds me of my days as a Goth (dressed head to toe in black, backcombed hair and frightful make-up - looking like I'd just been dug up), skulking around the town at night thinking poetic, dark thoughts (typical Goth behaviour). I've sort of grown out of that now (less black and no make-up, though my hair often looks like a birds nest!), but last night, wrapped up in my thick dressing gown, I enjoyed sitting on the verendah thinking poetic thoughts.
Garden lit by the moon.
(Apologies for blurriness but slow shutter speed and no flash means me having to stand still - not good at that!)