10 November

Cold front blew in last night and with it brought a little rain. Damp and not extremely chilly outside. But the weather did allow for some colorful photos as I was driving to town this morning *shhhhh* don't tell the police that I was using my cellphone camera while driving! *laughs*

Currently 59F here in Maiden.

View of the mountain that I live on in full autumn color.

View towards Charlotte, NC as I drove down off the mountain this morning.
 Strange how blue the sky came out on the phone camera - it looks more gray to the naked eye.


  1. Wow, they are fantastic colours, particularly the blue sky and umbers (a fave colour combo of mine).

  2. My digital SLR wouldn't have captured that sky in that way - funny that my iPhone did. *laughs* A happy mistake I'd say!


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