From the 1st November we will have a third Weather Reporter - Deborah Cater from

 Sedella in Andalucia, Spain

Here's a bit about Deborah

"I left the land of my birth (UK) in October 2010 to come to Spain and write a travel book I'd been promising myself I'd write for 10 years. I bought a 4WD, left hand drive version, packed some belongings and my two dogs into it and arrived at my new home in the Andalucian mountains three days later.

I gave myself a year to write the book and I've managed it; City Chronicles:A Tale of Two Cities , is out there ready to be snapped up by eager readers. I am now working on the next two books in the City Chronicles trilogy due out in 2012.

I write travelogues, so necessity dictates I travel. I love it. I am sticking to Europe for the time being, there is enough history, culture and fun to be had on this wonderful continent to keep me occupied for a while! "

And some interesting weather reports I hope! This is going to be so exciting Deborah!


  1. Deborah, looking forward to hearing all about your weather, you live in a lovely part of the world, less windy and cold than the UK.

  2. I'm looking forward to it as well Pauline, especially as we are entering the season where we have more than wall-to-wall sun. I know, such a hard life!! ;0)


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