From the 1st November we will have a third Weather Reporter - Deborah Cater from

 Sedella in Andalucia, Spain

Here's a bit about Deborah

"I left the land of my birth (UK) in October 2010 to come to Spain and write a travel book I'd been promising myself I'd write for 10 years. I bought a 4WD, left hand drive version, packed some belongings and my two dogs into it and arrived at my new home in the Andalucian mountains three days later.

I gave myself a year to write the book and I've managed it; City Chronicles:A Tale of Two Cities , is out there ready to be snapped up by eager readers. I am now working on the next two books in the City Chronicles trilogy due out in 2012.

I write travelogues, so necessity dictates I travel. I love it. I am sticking to Europe for the time being, there is enough history, culture and fun to be had on this wonderful continent to keep me occupied for a while! "

And some interesting weather reports I hope! This is going to be so exciting Deborah!