21st October

A cold front has blown in bringing us cooler weather - had to turn the heater on this week! But the blustery wind and rain earlier in the week has caused the trees to change color quickly and already begin dropping leaves. Rake is out of the shed, but I am doing my best in putting off the labor. *laughs* Currently 59F/15C.

I have a hankerin' for pumpkin cream cake. Must be Fall.


  1. Saturday, 22nd October 2011
    Sedella, Andalucia, Spain

    The fog that was pouring down the mountain of Maroma early last evening eventually cleared to leave a cool but starry night.

    This morning grey clouds are covering the sky and rain is forecast, which is a blessing as we have had only 1mm in over 4 months. I have been walking through the fallen algarroba pods which give a keen crunch under foot. It is not the same as kicking through fallen leaves but satisfying nonetheless.

  2. Deborah - how lovely of you to add this comment! Thank you!
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  3. Hi Deborah! Quite interesting reading your own weather report! It would be fantastic to have you regularly contribute!


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