1st October

It is a glorious day. Only 10.20 a.m. but it is already warm. The sky is a pale blue (do they call it "baby blue"?) No clouds, though there is a hint of misty whiteness, I assume this will burn off before long.
Spread across the Wisteria outside my office window is the most enormpus spider's web (quite happy for it to be there - as long as the spider stays outside!) The sun is glistening on it as it moves gently in the breeze - actually quite beautiful!
Spiders are beautiful to look at too really, such a shame they are so scary!

image found on Google:

There is a bird singing. That's not right. I don't think birds should be singing this time of year.
Or do they?
Wrens sing most of the year round at dawn, I think - Robins too?
Hmm will have to find out about that....

October already.
Where did the year go?

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  1. What a beautiful spider web. Glaf to hear it is warm... errr hot with you.


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