September 11th - 9/11

The wind is a bit frisky - comes in gusts, we have been told to keep an eye on the forecasts because a gale - or possible hurricane is gheading towards the UK.
I thought it was Irene that so scared the US a week ago, but apparantly it now has a new name (Katia? Will have to check that!)

The sky is a beautiful bright bright blue though - and it is so mild out!

I remember ten years ago, 9/11, the sky was a beautiful blue then. A fabulous early autumn day.
Especially, I recall walking to work (I had a part time job in a school library) the next morning.
The sky then, was the brightest duck-egg blue, no clouds - and no vapour trails. It was rather scary not having any planes flying over London - and so quiet.

This part of N.E London is the stacking area for Stansted Airport  and we are also on the flight paths for Haethrow, so there are often a lot of planes overhead (depending on the wind direction)
When I'm in the garden, having lunch or breakfast and a big plane comes over quite low (just taken off from Heathrow or Stansted) and is climbing, I wonder where it's going. And every time, despite it being ten years later, I think of those planes being deliberately steered into the twin towers.

Because of various volcanoes in Iceland not having planes overhead has happened several times lately, so is rather welcomed, but not on that horrifying day.
You can't get those images out of your head can you? Or the thought of what those passengers on the plane were feeling = especially those on the second plane.
And everyone in the towers.
I have lit candles at 1.46 UK time - the time when the first plane hit.

Rest peacefully those who passed