September 16th - Current conditions in Maiden, North Carolina!

Huzzah! Anniversary Celebration
Message from Helen in London UK

I have been keeping this weather diary for a  year round - the first entry was Thursday September 16th 2010  I haven't necessarily made an entry every day, but I've not missed that many. 
The idea was to keep a weather diary for use when writing my novels - it's all too easy to say "the sun was shining in a blue sky" or "the rain had not stopped all day" - there are subtle variations to the weather. A glorious sunset - next day drizzle (don't you go believing the rhyme "Red Sky at Night Shepherd's Delight" - it ain't true!) 
So, to make this next year a little different, I've asked my graphics designer, and good friend, Cathy Harmon Helms of Avalon Graphics to contribute as well.
Cathy lives in North Carolina, USA - I thought it would be interesting to compare what's happening each side of the Atlantic!
If anyone would like to join in - please feel free to add what the weather is like where you are in the comments!
And I look forward to sharing the weather (a very British thing!) with you all for another year!

So with no further ado -
 Welcome to Cathy and North Carolina!

Hello all!
We've enjoyed a lovely day today, light breeze and dry air. A welcome change from a very hot and humid summer! Currently it is 81F/27C and partly cloudy.

There are the beginning signs of Fall on the way at last:

Our Burning Bush is beginning to turn red.

And our White Oak trees are dropping acorns! We need hard hats to be out working in the yard at present! Acorns keep hitting the roof of the house which can be quite loud at times. The little buggers tend to dent cars and gutters. I'll need to get the rake out soon.

My beautiful Hydrangea are all faded for fall as well. Blooming season ended about six weeks ago.

A cold front is on its way, so I'll report in over the weekend with an update!