29th September

Looks like we are in for an Indian Summer - yesterday, and now today, glorious rather warm sunshine. Blue, blue sky.... mind you chilly at night, with the typical autumn smells of damp earth, a hint of mist and a very slight touch of frost in the air.
Where the sun was high in the sky around now (11.30 a.m.) it is quite low now, just about peeping above the roofs of the houses at the back of us. Another month and it will be even lower.
No more pretty sparkly rainbows dancing on my office wall and ceiling, now, until next spring. :-(

Cobwebs everywhere, covered in dew-diamonds of a morning. Which is great because you can see them then. Midday, you just walk slap into the spider plonked right in the middle. OK so they are harmless - that's not the point!