23rd September

It is the Autumn Equinox - today is officially the first day of Autumn (Fall to my US friends)
I assume it is the first day of Spring to those of you "Down Under"?

I should have been working - writing and such. I have Things that need doing.
So I went out into the garden and it was such a beautiful afternoon I did some gardening, tidying up all the dead heads and such - and fending off garden spiders -  there are dozens of them. My problem, with my not very good eyesight I can't see the webs.
Webs I don't mind, walking slap into a spider - ur no. I now walk down the garden path of a morning to let the Chooks out and give them their breakfast with a peculiar arm motion and  a stick. The stick gets waved up and down in front of me thus gently breaking any path-spanning webs - kind to spiders and kind to Helens.

I heard on the radio that finches have a disease and they are dying - goldfinches, grreenfinches, chaffinches. Oh dear.

I could write a bit more, but I really must answer some e-mails and do some work today.

So I'm going to cheat.
My good friend Linda Proud (write fabulous historical fiction) was the good lady who camne up with the idea for a weather diary (do you remember Linda)
her blog post today is beautifully written. So I'm simply going to tell you to
CLICK >>>>> HERE and direct you to Linda's magical words....


  1. No, no, not the finches! I'm still trying to picture life with horse chestnuts, telling myself that life without elm trees wasn't so hard, was it? But these diseases wiping out our loveliest things...

  2. Sorry, didn't mean to be anonymous - perish the thought. Linda xxx

  3. That was unintentionally cryptic. My first message, previewed as 'From Anonymous' failed to publish, but all I was saying was how sad I am to hear about the finches, especially in this week with the dire news about the horse chestnuts. I can only content myself with the knowledge that last year's talk of a take over by the harlequin ladybird turned out to be false. Haven't seen a single one, whereas our native ladybirds are looking fat and somewhat smug.


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