13th September

The wind didn't get too bad here in London - still "blustery" today, but again bright, bright sunshine - although it poured with rain a couple of hours ago. It stopped as quickly as it started though.
I've just had an afternoon cup of tea out in the garden.

Most of the early autumn flowers are out now - sunflowers and such. The roses are doing well - although we are going to move them come the winter when they are dormant. They are in a bed in the middle of the lawn, we're bringing them higher up the garden, alongside the greenhouse so we can see the colours better.
The chickens have the lower part of the garden anyway - fenced in so they stay out of the top half. I don't mind them up here, but they are a bit "shitty"!

The Bizzy Lizzies are full of mildew - it seems they have a disease (found out on Gardeners Question Time, Radio 4) They advised pulling them all up & not buying them for a couple of years. So next year we'll stick to lobelia I think - the plants I have look lovely trailing from pots etc.
Must remember to get more nasturtiums as well, they make such a lovely dash of colour.