August 21st Sunday

Catch Up:

Saturday 20th lovely morning. Sat outside for breakfast - even got a bit hot. By mid afternoon.... pouring with rain! Cleared up by nightfall though. Sky was lovely at 11p.m. lots of whispy clouds galloping across the sky.

Friday 19th sunny -  even (dare I say?) hot! Turned the heating off again

Thursday 18th Cold. Really cold. I sat working with a fur rug round me in the early evening - gave up and put the central heating on.

Wednesday 17th  Can't remember if it was Wednesday or Thursday in the afternoon - but it absolutely poured. It was like someone in the sky had turned a hose on full. The patio was flooded under about an inch of water. I got soaked through running out to shut the hens away - and noticed a plant in a pot was drowning, desperately in need of a lifeboat. It was on the patio table under where the guttering has come away, so the rain there was cascading like a waterfall. Waiting for the landlord to come fix it. (the gutter!)

Tuesday 16th - lovely in the morning, but got quite grey by mid afternoon