26th August

Raining since yesterday evening it is now almost noon Friday. Raindrops are hanging like glass beads from the solar light cables and wisteria stems outside my office window. The oly sounds, the fountain in the fish pond and the steady drip of the rain.
It's not exactly cold - I'm sitting with the window open, but my arms and feet are chilly. Thinking if I was a woman sitting by the window in my solar back in the 12th century - I'd be Ok as long as I had long sleeves and maybe boots or woollen stockings. This evening will be cold and damp though.

I went out to feed the fish and got wet - not so much from the rain, but the rain dripping from the wisteria!

Several of my plants in pots are puffing and doing the breast stroke! Tipped the excess of water from most of the pots, but can't do anything about the soggy sol. I reckon I'm going to lose all those that don't like wet feet
The lawn - such as it is - is just mud where we walk to the chicken run. (How many times have I nagged Ron to put same paving down? Sigh).