21st June Midsummer Day

I sat in the garden with a cup of tea at 4.15 a.m. this morning, waiting for the sun to rise.
Dawn had occurred as the sky was a pearl grey, but I waited in vain for the sun itself to appear - it was too cloudy.

There were two layers of cloud. The lower ones were grey wispy things scudding away before a west wind, occasionally I could see through and between them to the greyish sky where a layer of deeper, thicker cloud paraded more slow and dignified.

The garden was filled with the sound of birds - a blackbird trilled and a wren sang his heart out from on top of the washing-line post. Pigeons were cooing - a magpie was a bit harsh, but it cleared off... Not a sound from my fast asleep chickens.

Someone in a next door garden has wind chimes for they were gently tinkling. The splash of the fountain in my pond was calm and relaxing. There came another splash as one of the fish broke the surface. After a fly or something I expect.

Mab, my cat came and sat on my lap, wanting a cuddle, a little bemused at me being up so early.

As the sun rose (although I couldn't see it behind the trees & houses & then clouds) the upper sky lightened into a paler colour and the higher clouds turned pink - then the sky was blue, a definite blue.... and then the lower grey clouds spilled in like rush-hour traffic and there were a few spots of rain.

The event over, I went back to bed.


  1. I too got up early this morning around 4am to let the cats out. When I got back upstairs I went into our rear bedroom which faces east. Like you Helen, a grey sky greeted me and I knew it would be pointless to stay there and wait. It made me remember a Midsummer's Day a few years back when I got up early and was rewarded with the most beautiful of sunrises. Ah well, maybe next year?

  2. By contrast our day was heavy.It did not get much light before 6.45am and the sun quickly appeared bringing with it a very hot day. Forecast temps of 39c but in our garden, away from the shadows, it neared 50c. The day as not cooled very much and it is still 31c at 21:39, but also very dark. The longest day is not so noticed as the day light hours are only around 2 hour difference, notwithstaninding, the clock change of one houre. But as always we raise our glass to the Longest Day...cheers!


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